A Scotsman He Shall Be: Peter Capaldi Will Retain Glaswegian Accent In Doctor Who Next Year

What is the big deal with his accent? He is British and should be represented, I welcome it.


Abbie Sedgeman
Staff Writer

Peter Capaldi burst onto our TV screens on Christmas Day, yelling about his kidneys and trying to figure out how to fly the TARDIS. Whilst he was discussing the colour of his kidneys, one thing was apparent: his accent. Unlike the tenth Doctor, David Tennant, who was forced into adopting an English accent, Capaldi has been allowed to keep his accent Scottish.

An insider has said: “It was well-known that David wanted to use his Scottish accent. But he was told it just wouldn’t be possible and he had to adopt an English accent. He was disappointed at the time but now Peter has been able to use his accent, it’s a bit of a kick in the teeth.”

The BBC has said that this decision to allow the actor to use his distinctive Glaswegian tongue is ‘creative’.  A show insider said: “But Peter is best…

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