GIRLS….Do we like being treated badly? (going round in circles)

All That's Princess


‘You spin me right round baby round round… ergh…can I get off this merry go ride already!?’

I’ve often wondered to myself why do I carry on making the same old mistakes over and over again, when I know what the outcome would normally be…because I’ve been through it before. Just going round and round in circles. I dunno if it’s just me but I think that women tend to do this quite a lot. I’m not saying that all girls do but its a habit for some of us. What I am mainly referring to is our relationships with men especially the ones that make us cry and that we believe we can change. You know you have that friend that always says ‘Yes he hurt me before but he promised me he wouldn’t this time!’ or ‘Even though he talks to other girls it’s ok because we are…

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