Exclusive Twisted Sneak Peek: Danny Makes a Surprising Confession About Vikram’s Death

Lacey, darling! I need you to shut for a little bit and listen. TeamDacey


Danny Desai is finally telling the truth about the night his father died — his version of the truth, anyway — and TVLine has an exclusive first look at his unexpected admission.

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When Lacey confronts Danny about Vikram’s death in Tuesday’s Twisted (9/8c, ABC Family), he begins to drop a major secret about his final interaction with his dad.

“I saw my dad … the night that I ran way,” Danny begins. “I saw him and I tried to convince him to turn himself in, and then we fought.”

Could it be? Is Danny really about to come clean?

Hit PLAY on our Twisted preview to see exactly what Danny tells Lacey, then hit the comments section with your best theories. How is this season going to end?

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