The CW’s Originals Wants Pretty Little Liars Fans To Change The Channel

I’m on TeamOriginals coz anything with vampires, I’ll watch.


Angie Grace
Staff Writer

Are you fed up with Pretty Little Liars and sick of waiting to find out who ‘A’ really is? Change the channel! At least that’s what The CW wants you to do.

Taking a bold new approach to get more viewers for their new youth-oriented vampire show The Originals, The CW Network has made a new commercial, mocking PLL and urging fed-up fans with the show to change over to watch their show instead.

Some fans of PLL have complained that they have gotten more questions than answers during this season of the show as ‘A’ – a mysterious person who torments the 4 main characters, continues to allude them, and who still remains a mystery.

It’s a bold move, indeed, seeing as how The CW has even purchased air time to run said ad during an episode of PLL. They’ve done so by…

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