I am a Dacey addict. I even attempt to write fanfic but seeing you’re a writer, I cringe that I shared that with you. Lol. Just dropping a line to say I share in your ABC Twisted obsession. Hmmm a question. What is your take on Jo.



I am beyond happy that you responded, haha. 😀

*WARNING: This post is super long, feel free to skip and skim, lol…sorry everyone whose annoyed with long posts, I forgot how to do the ‘read more’ option*

My take on Jo: When I was first introduced to Jo in Episode 1, I thought she was likeable. Not so popular, witty. A good main character to see the world through her eyes. Then we hit – what was it? – Episode 3? 4? Well, I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure it was around the time she had a sleepover with Lacey and went through Lacey’s-dead-best-friend’s personal property. After that I slowly got tired of her. Now, she just annoys me. A lot. And it’s not even because of her obsession with Danny, but the fact that she’s so negative and has an attitude toward everyone, especially Lacey (even her parents). She holds a grudge very easily.

Also, the day after that Dacey video spread to the ENTIRE school, did she think of how humiliated/horrible Lacey would feel? No. She was upset because Lacey and Danny had a relationship and didn’t tell her about it. Now, I would be a little upset too…but I would be more concerned with a humiliating video. Also, there is no denying she plays the victim card. She stayed home to mope, while Lacey went to school and had ‘What would Regina think?’ and all sorts of terrible, derogatory words written on her locker. Made fun of. Shunned by her friends. All that good stuff.

Then Jo had the nerve to scream at Danny and Lacey because they had a relationship. That’s none of her business. Period. Okay, I know I’m being hard on Jo. She’s not all bad, of course. I just think she’s flawed. And thirsty. So, so very thirsty. Parched, in fact. But I do understand why she IS the “main character.” In other words, why we see so much of her viewpoint (although I wish we saw more of Lacey). The whole show BEGAN through her eyes. Episode 1: She had a dream, we first see Lacey and Danny and the Mastersons through her eyes, blah blah…

Notice how every time there’s some interesting character or world, we always experience it through someone’s eyes who is considered “normal.” Example, the main character of The Great Gatsby wasn’t Gatsby. It was some average dude who was new to the area. The main character of Alice in Wonderland was Alice (also relatively normal.) The most popular girl in school is rarely the main character. We don’t even know what Lacey’s sister looks like for God’s sakes!

So yes, I used to really like Jo. No she annoys me. Also, what she did in the finale was gross. Just why, Jo? Seriously. (The THIRST is REAL). But all that aside, I still like the actor that plays her, Maddie Hasson. Haha, she seems like a cool girl and she’s from North Carolina which is where I’m from. Not that this matters.

My question: I love Dacey. But I’m wondering, what do you think Lacey REALLY sees in Danny and vice versa? It kind of dawned on me after the whole half-season that yes, they have feelings for each other, but it seems like a very physical attraction if you know what I mean. Which is bad for Dacey because to make it all the way, they’ve got to be in love! Not just be attracted to one another. I mean, they never came out and said WHY they like each other.

#TeamDacey. That is all. 😉

Wow! I feel exactly the same way about Jo. EXACTLY! Thanks for your answer. NO skimming for me. I enjoyed your view.

Now for your question (I don’t know how to do the shortened version either-sorry) I think that Danny and Lacey have some feelings that stem from childhood. I am convinced that Lacey still remembers that boy that brought her new feelings of romance rather than friendship. Perhaps, they even shared their first kiss. I think that Jo was always more immature thus why Danny and Lacey treat her like she needs coddled. Now, I think Lacey sees Danny as that guy that is a good person inside. The one that can still make her smile and let down her façade of perfection. He reminds her of times when she was more herself and didn’t have to strive for perfection to be accepted. I don’t think Lacey was ever really happy with the popular crowd like she was with Jo or Danny. That is why she told Jo that Phoebe and Regina didn’t get her family. I don’t think they get her either. I don’t think that Jo even gets Lacey anymore. I think Danny is the one that can make Lacey feel free to be herself. Thus, Lacey’s feelings bloomed for him from a seed planted during their childhood.


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