Tamera Mowry Responds to Critics of Her Interracial Marriage ( x )

Reminder that Tia and Tamera are also part white/biracial and yet.

This is heartbreaking.

This shit always bothers me, man. 😥

I feel her, I have been called Oreo/coconut. Never dated a “black man”, don’t get me wrong as this doesn’t mean that Black men aren’t attractive (oh believe me when I do say there are some that turn my head) but I find myself being told by black men that I shouldn’t bother date them coz underneath my skin I’m white as snow and called many names for the past 20 freaking yrs. It’s sad coz it’s only coming from “blacks people”, the secret is: “As long as you haven’t created me, you should shut it and I just don’t give a monkey coz my heart my choice”.


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