Words of truth by itsnaturebel… 

Photography by Dean Dalmacio

yup…I have tried but there is NO LETTING GO!

Please you are not going anywhere.  I tell people its a calling.  You just have to accept it and move forward.  The Fandom Convent!

I keep zooming in on their mouths. How can Avan resist her lips?  How can Kylie resist Avan’s lips? It’s not possible.  I NEED to read a Kavan fic stat!!!

…. and these images are not even full scale.  Don’t look into their eyes… Its a trap!  

I’m not going to lie… I’d cheat… It’s that simple.  I’ll beg forgiveness later but I am going to partake of his fruit.  Make no mistake.  Where ever we can get it in, we are going to fit it in!  These two are gifted!  Disciplined!  

I couldn’t do it… The flesh is weak!  


The (Dacey/Kavan) Fandom Convent and Yemme in the same sentence! I’m at the right place.


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