here we go:

  • favorite male character: Danny Desai
  • favorite female character: Lacey Porter
  • least favorite character: Jo Masterson
  • prettiest character: Lacey Porter and Mama Desai
  • funniest character: I was gonna say Rico but no… well I guess Rico
  • favorite season: 9… actually 1.
  • favorite episode: lets see… it would have to be, oddly enough: Three For the Road, it had it’s moments…
  • favorite romantic ship: DACEY!!!
  • favorite family ship: Mama Desai and Danny Desai…
  • favorite friend ship:Lacey and Danny.
  • worst ship: Janny.

The only thing I would change here is Funniest character for me is Phoebe and the rest pretty much the same.


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