Am I the only one who had a meltdown when Ashton choked Kylie in that short film? That was scary as shit omgggg





I kid you not I was ready to jump into that screen and beat his behind.

It was the biggest NOPE ever.

From a complete unbiased standpoint, why in the ever loving hell would they even put that in there? LIKE? That shit is unbelievable.

Artistic freedom be damned. 

Can we talk about something they talked about tho..when she said she liked them both the same…lol my mind went one place. If that was Avan, the shove up against the refrigerator would have culminated into a seriously hot sex scene that would have clarified all the confusion. 

*Yemme pulls up a chair and stares—- I’m invisible —- continue*

I had to reblog it just coz of Yemme and carry on people, I’m listening


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