New Photos Promise Drama When Revenge Returns To ABC

What kind of cookery is Emily/Amanda going to make this time? How did she survive that gun shot?


Dean Richards
Staff Writer

We’ve got another sneak peak of what is to come when Revenge returns in the new year has been released, this time in the form of 9 pictures.

As you may remember (SPOILERS!), in the episode “Exodus” two weeks ago, Daniel shot his new bride, Emily, after finding out that she had been faking her pregnancy. This was soon followed by the revelation that when Emily woke up in the hospital, she no longer remembered who she was, let alone who shot her – check out the video below:

Now ABC released nine brand new photos of Emily’s stay in the hospital, showing her with some visitors and also with some very bad anxiety. It can’t be easy to no longer know who you are, especially when strangers start giving you forehead kisses.

You can check out the photos below, and of course don’t forget to…

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