First “Ant Man” Marvel Comic Breaks Records With Staggering Price Tag

Can’t wait to see this. Will he bring the humour as well?


Shane Avery
Staff Writer

This is something I’m sure Paul Rudd would be happy about!

According to Scoop, Ant Man’s first ever appearance in a Marvel comic has sold for a staggering $65,000 by Pedigree Comics.
Titled “Tales to Astonish”, the issue was #27 for Marvel and included the story “The Man in the Ant Hill”, by Stan Lee Larry Lieber, Jack Kirby and Dick Ayers.
This is the first time Marvel comic lovers will be introduced to Hank Pym, who finds himself trapped in an ant hill after creating a shrinking serum.
It was recently announced that “I Love You Man” star, Paul Rudd had landed the coveted role of Ant Man in the upcoming film expected to hit theatres in 2015.
What do you guys think of the price the comic landed? Pretty crazy right?

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